Dress Up Your Home With an Aluminum Fence

Dress Up Your Home With an Aluminum Fence

Hire us to install yours in Conover, Hickory or Taylorsville, NC

Stephen's Fence LLC installs aluminum fences in and around Taylorsville, Conover & Hickory, NC. These fences require less maintenance than wood fences, and they can have speared, flat or alternating tops depending on your preference. You can select any color you want, including black, bronze, beige, white, tan or green. In Hudson, the most popular color choices are black, bronze and white.

We can install your fence quickly and easily. Call 828-639-3049 now to get a quote on your aluminum fencing project in Taylorsville, Conover & Hickory, North Carolina or beyond.

Choose the style that suits your needs

The crew at Stephen's Fence installs four different styles of aluminum fences in the Conover, NC area:

  1. Security fences with speared tops to ward off trespassers
  2. Perimeter picket fences that complement any home or business
  3. Pet fences with small panels to keep dogs from escaping
  4. Pool fences to keep children safe while they play

When you contact us, we'll discuss your needs and help you choose the style that's right for you. Contact us ASAP to schedule your aluminum fence installation in Taylorsville, Conover & Hickory, NC; Western North Carolina; or the Piedmont area.